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Comprehensive Collection of Scripts

This comprehensive collection of practical, targeted, and powerfully effective transcripts have been field-tested and proven to work for decades. You will want to have it by your side every time you chat with a prospect online to keep your conversations flowing, focused, and productive.

The SCRIPTS FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS provides you with proven, field tested sales strategies, texting tactics with copy and paste templates, transcripts and precise message content that will enable you to talk to anyone with confidence. They can be used in private messages on any social network, when you’re on the phone with a prospect or when you’re face to face with someone.

When you know what to say to a prospect in any profession that will have them enrolling in your business on a daily basis your confidence will soar. With this information at your fingertips you’re on your way to becoming an unstoppable closer and top recruiter.

The Scripts Book contains step-by-step actions and word for word copy and paste content that provides you with multiple ways to talk to people. 


THE SCRIPTS BOOK is your ‘Secret Weapon’ to achieving success quickly!

It contains clever opening lines to start conversations and make the right connections with anyone, qualifying questions to identify perfect prospects, transition lines to introducing your business and dozens of additional sales strategies with the appropriate words to use to engage your prospects and close them.

It walks you through the process of building your business on a social network by simply following the scripts and adhering to a few basic sales concepts.

The texting tactics provided will maximize your online activity and effectively work with both your warm market and the huge cold market of prospects that are out there waiting to hear from you.

When you’re able to dive into an endless supply of free social network leads the smart way with these scripts and talk to a never ending list of ‘crème of the crop’ prospects and achieve predicable results your confidence will soar.

You’ll have more fun with these scripts than you can imagine when you know you can create recurring online conversations on your terms that end with a new customer or sales partner.

The enthusiasm for building your business online is guaranteed to soar as you increase momentum in your business that can be duplicated by everyone on your growing team.


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Here Are The Preliminary Topics To Get You Set Up For Success:

  • Eliminating rejection
  • Closing more sales
  • Becoming fearless
  • Before talking to people about your business
  • Becoming great at sales
  • The biggest mistake
  • Becoming a better listener
  • Asking questions is the answer
  • Two important types of questions
  • What information should you be looking for
  • Examples of what, how, why, & when questions
  • A few things you want to discover
  • Conduct a conversation, not an interrogation
  • What to look for in their answers
  • Before talking about your business
  • Getting personal information
  • Three simple options to start
  • Conversations with people start the ball rolling
  • Max Steingart's 4 social networking laws
  • When asked what is the name of your business
  • Feel – Felt – Found
  • Ten occupations with high burnout

Scripts for Getting Started Fast

  • First contact scripts
  • The formula
  • Effective 1st contact scripts
  • Begin immediately
  • A message to send people to your fan page
  • Warm market friend request
  • Follow-up message when people add you as a friend
  • 1st cold market friend request message
  • A message to send people to your fan page
  • 1st cold market to strangers on Linkedin
  • 1st response to a new friend (Linkedin & Facebook)
  • Message to people in places you want to do business
  • 1st contact by profession
  • 1st contact Facebook fan page message
  • Messages to use when someone sends you a friend request
  • 2nd response to a new Facebook/Linkedin connection
  • Transitions to discussing your business/product/service
  • More transition lines to talking about your business
  • Message to people you already know who are new social network connections
  • Moving them from texting/messaging to talking on the phone
  • Scripts for displaced network marketers
  • More good things to say to displaced network marketers
  • Email to displaced networkers
  • Scripts for special occasions
  • When you don't speak their language
  • What to say when you want to proactively talk business
  • Scripts for acquiring new customers
  • Questions to better identify the problem
  • Exploration questions
  • A general 'cold market' script
  • Bringing up your business to other professionals on Linkedin
  • One year commitment letter
  • Training information for your newest recruits

Scripts For Specific Professions

  • Actor or actress script
  • Affiliate marketer script
  • Affiliate network seller script
  • Affiliate system seller script
  • Artist script
  • Blogger script
  • Car salesmen script
  • Career professional script
  • College graduate script (can't find work)
  • College student script
  • Financial planner script
  • Government employee script - local, state or federal
  • Gym owner/employee script
  • Headhunter & recruiter script
  • Health coach script
  • High school senior script
  • High school senior script (not going to college)
  • Insurance agent script
  • Internet marketer script
  • Life coach script
  • Military spouse script
  • Headhunter & recruiter script
  • Ministers and pastors script
  • MLM skeptic script
  • MLM trainer script
  • Musician script
  • Network marketing script
  • Network marketing scripts
  • Old time network marketer script
  • Person in the military script
  • Person just out of the military script
  • Person pitching you script
  • Person that sent you an app script
  • Person with a disability script
  • Personal trainer script
  • Professional athlete script
  • Professional golfer script
  • Professional speaker script
  • Published author script
  • Real estate agents script
  • Recently divorced script
  • Recruiting the recruiter script
  • Retired baby boomer script
  • Retail store owner/employee script
  • Sales professionals script
  • School teacher script
  • Shopping for a sponsor script
  • Social network script
  • Stay-at-home moms/dads script
  • Stock broker script
  • Travel agent/owner script
  • Uber or Lyft driver script
  • Unemployed script
  • Unhappy affiliate marketer script
  • Unhappy network marketer script
  • Universal generic success questions script
  • Virtual personal assistant script

Bonus Scripts

  • How to re-start a conversation script
  • It's on my profile script
  • My business partner and I script
  • Other people have sent me this same script
  • People looking for a new opportunity script
  • That message was meant for someone else
  • Handling objections
  • Scripts for closing the sale
  • Moving the conversation to the phone
  • 5 simple, proven closing questions to ask
  • Summary and review

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