Top Earners Weekend Retreat

I'm conducting the entire event virtually and will be with you LIVE.
You can participate from your home or from where ever you are.



Take Your Business To The Next Level

Have you ever wondered how some people jump to the top of their company in record time?

This is the ONE AND ONLY VIRTUAL WEEKEND EVENT in the world where you will learn how they did it.

You’ll be taught the online and offline strategies that ACTUALLY work today for network marketers that want to become top earners faster.

This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for serious entrepreneurs who are fully committed to rising to the top of their company and want to master what the top earners know but never talk about.


You're going to Learn How to become a Top Earner


Special Weekend

During this Special Weekend you’re going to learn how to become a Top Earner in network marketing by applying the 10 Secrets that are never talked about.

The first Secret helped me add thousands of people to my business in eighteen months.


Why do People Rise to the Top in Their Business FAST?



Rise to the Top in Record Time

Have you ever wondered how some people without any prior experience in network marketing rise to the top of their business in record time?

They follow a proven blueprint and 90 day game plan that's been used by the top earners in many network marketing companies for years. Surprisingly the entire blueprint has NEVER been made public.

Select portions of the blueprint have been shared with the masses in watered down 90 day game plans but never the entire document or the complete plan.

Each retreat participant receives a copy.


The Social Networking 90 Day Game Plan


Discover how to apply the Social Networking 90 Day Game Plan

Participants in the retreat will learn how to apply the 90 day game plan to social networking.

You will learn the steps and actions to take over the following 90 days that will result in explosive growth.

Participants can expect to achieve significant growth and rank advancement on their way to making 6 figures in their business.


Would you like to be a Six Figurer Earner in the next 12 months?



Fast Rank Advancement

If you're interested in faster rank advancement and becoming a 6 figure income earner in the next 12 months, I invite you to join me for my 2 day Top Earner Retreat. You'll learn the 10 secrets that the top earners in your business know but never talk about... and so much more.

With this information you can be making a 6 figure income in the next 12 months and become a top earner too.

Before the end of the year there are going to be hundreds of new top earners in various companies who will credit their recent success to attending this virtual 2 day event. 85% of past retreat participants that responded to our survey are making a six figure income today.

This is MUST HAVE INFORMATION if you're a SERIOUS NETWORK MARKETER and want to go to 6 or 7 figures in the next twelve months.

I’m conducting the entire event virtually and will be with you LIVE. You can participate from your home or from where ever you are.

This is MORE than just a 2 day event that will put you on the fast track for earning a 6 figure income.

My 2 Day TOP EARNER Retreat INCLUDES all the information you need to achieve your financial goals.


Subjects to be Discussed


Among the Subjects to be covered:

The 10 Secrets that are never talked about and how to use social networks to grow your business faster.

How to connect directly with outrageously successful people (Whales) and recruit them.

The difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing and the advantages of each.

How to tell the difference between a real opportunity and a short term money game or outright scam.

How to approach and win over people who are more successful than you.

How to close more sales in less time on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to manage your business through momentum and beyond.

The importance of a good system and duplication.

A proven system for reactivating dormant distributors. Just think what this will do for your income.

The magic words in recruiting that will instantly multiply your personal sponsoring efforts.

How to get your opportunity in front of virtually every business owner in your community.

The secret to prospecting on the Internet that “agenda driven” marketers will never reveal to you.

My proven system to systematically developing new leaders on your team.


Find out how Others have Accomplished IT!



You'll also hear from highly respected MLM Millionaires who participated in previous retreats and shared priceless information reserved for their inner circle leaders. Collectively this information has helped 800 people become million dollar earners.

You'll learn from MLM Millionaires - Brent Bryson, Sandi Cohen, Pat Andersen, Paula Pritchard, Christine Peterson, Deborah Kay, John Terhune, Margie Aliprandi, Mark Yarnell, and renown INDUSTRY Expert Len Clements and others.

Get Started Immediately. As soon as you register you'll be able to watch their previously recorded trainings.

Limited to 300 go-getting success-seekers.

This is your chance to join a small group of leaders who will bring their business down a clear path to their own multi-million dollar MLM success.

Save the cost of flying down to South Beach and staying at an ocean front hotel and participate in this retreat from the comfort of your own home.

Work with me on the very computer you'll be using to make millions in your business. Open phone lines will permit everyone to talk directly to me and the other participants.

The cost of this 2-day retreat in the past has been $5,000 and is worth every penny.



Insider Information

Get Insider Information

You simply cannot access insider information at this level anywhere from anyone else in the world. My track record of developing six, seven, and eight figure income earners in this industry is legendary. Now, a small group of entrepreneurs dedicated to going to the top and top earners eager to take their business to another level with social networking will have the opportunity to tap into the connect-the-dots system.

Participation is strictly limited to 300 people. I want to make sure that each attendee get's my personal attention and understands every aspect of my Million Dollar MLM Recruiting Formula.

At the end of this weekend, you'll feel focused, excited, fired-up, and more importantly you'll have the confidence, assurance and game plan to make your Million Dollar Business a reality.

And you will know more about prospecting and lead generation than 99.9% of the people in the industry.

Each participant will receive over $299.00 in training materials directly from me prior to the event.

Every question you have will be answered, every secret revealed and when we're finished you will be armed with the information that will take you to the Top 1% of income earners in this industry.

If you're ready for everyone in your company to finally know your name, this is the one training event that can make it happen.


Get the ULTIMATE Weekend Retreat for Top Earners

ULTIMATE MASTERY Weekend Retreats For Top Earners

Boost Your Business Virtually Overnight with LIVE Training:

Build Your Business In Just Minutes A Day
Make Sales Hours Of Our First Session
Tap Into Both Facebook & LinkedIn
Over 100 techniques to lifetime customers

I invite you to join me for my 2 day Top Earners Retreat.

This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for serious entrepreneurs who are fully committed to rising to the top of their company and want to master what the Top Earners know but never talk about.