One-on-One Training

Work Privately with Max

Master The Next Generation Of Network Marketing Even Faster

Max Will Help You:

  • Slash Your Learning Time in Half
  • Master Prospecting And Recruiting
  • Become A Top Recruiter Faster
  • Slash Your Learning Time in Half

Ride the wave of social networking and break free from what’s holding you back with the personal one–on–one coaching. Max’s track record of developing six figure income earners using social media in network marketing is legendary. His mission in life is to help network marketers with a strong desire to succeed become top earners.

What You Will Receive

Six (6) 1 hour sessions with me that cover in complete and graphic visual detail the system and stategies for increasing sales and prospecting online. This is not theory, this is a real-world applied prospecting system that some of the largest sales organizations in business use to grow their business and you'll watch me as I demonstrate on my computer everything I tell you.
NEW Techniques, Scripts, and Processes for the person that's just getting started and how to properly create and use their warm list for Rejection Free Selling.
NEW For Seasoned Pros - Advanced Techniques that will revitalize your inactive people by breathing life back into their warm list.
One Full Month of Direct Access to me during Live Ask Max Coaching Sessions where you can ask me direct questions on any subject related to your business. You'll be able to see what I'm doing as you watch on your computer. Live and Online, access to me 12 hours a week to demonstrate, educate, motivate and congratulate.
My PRIVATE VIDEO LIBRARY containing hundreds of "Subject Specific Video's" demonstrating the precise answers to any question you could possibly have and other most frequently asked quesitons for 1 month.
Personal Coaching on all of your online sales conversations to help you take your business to the next level.
A FREE invitation to attend my LATEST and most current Boot Camp Training Webinar.

About Max’s highly acclaimed Personal Coaching program.

During private sessions with Max you can rid yourself of the social networking road blocks that are depriving you of the success and life of affluence you've always desired.

In private sessions with Max you can expect to:

  • Improve your prospecting and recruiting results
  • Experience incredible breakthroughs
  • Open your mind to greater possibilities
  • Drastically improve other areas of your life as you become more successful

Heighten your social network financial results and abundance with effective prospecting, recruiting and business building techniques


Here's the Deal...

You will learn the exact type of information that your network of friends want and crave. They are looking for it right now and you can become the center piece of your own powerful network.


  • I work with 20 people each month
  • This is personal visual webinar coaching - just you and me
  • The number of sessions is determined by the payment plan you select
  • You have to be serious about growing your business and determined to become a leader in your company

Consider this carefully. Don't sign up and take one of these few available spots if you're not serious and committed.

If you're ready to go for the next level however, sign up today because space is limited.

This is an absolute bargain, given what I charge for one hour of personal one-on-one consulting ($500/hour).

However, I've made it easier for you if you need to be able to have payment plan options. What I'm going to do for you if you need it, is to allow you to have a TWO or THREE PAYMENT OPTION. The payments will automatically be billed to your credit card in 30 day intervals.

Remember... The one-on-one personal high-interaction private coaching sessions with me will make a difference in your life and your business.

No distractions from a room filled with 100, 300, or 500 people. No limitations on asking the questions you want because too many people are ahead of you. No "pitchmen" trying to sell you their wares from the stage.

None of those obstacles to learning and applying the system that will turn you into... a "Prospecting Ninja."

If you're serious about your business then don't wait another minute. You should want success bad enough that you'll take action, participate in
these private sessions and watch your prospecting results change overnight.

"Give Me Just Six Hours"

And I will show you how to tap into an Unlimited Pool of Highly Qualified Prospects for your business. People who are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

I will also show you how to unleash the genius within you that can turn casual conversation with anyone to

Tremendous Wealth --- ANYTIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE!!

What to Expect

with six (6) 1 hour detailed sessions

As soon as you register, my assistant will schedule our 6 private coaching sessions, where I will reveal and visually walk you through the most complete, up-to-date Internet prospecting system ever seen.

You'll learn by watching, from the comfort of your home or office, then you'll repeat it for yourself under my watchful eye, until you're ready to go solo.

Then I'll critique your activities and continue to give you sage advice throughout the process until you're as confident as the most seasoned professionals in the industry..

During these most intimate telephone and visually stimulating coaching sessions, I will personally guide you through experiences that will teach you the skills and strategies you need to create your most fulfilling sales goals and reveal the truth about why you do what you do when selling.

By actually seeing what I'm doing on my computer, it's like you're the apprentice, looking over the shoulder of a master craftsman, or the surgical intern watching the famous doctor perform brain surgery.

During our PRIVATE SESSIONS, you'll log into PRIVATE WEBINARS where you'll see everything on my screen as I step you through my proven system that is helping so many people.

Then I'll LOG INTO your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as you watch me demonstrate how easy it is to make a sale on a daily basis.

  • TOGETHER we'll search for perfect prospects.
  • TOGETHER we'll answer your emails and SEPARATE the serious prospects from the duds.
  • TOGETHER we'll deal with your online friends that contact you while we're still connected. I'll even CHAT with your prospects as you watch me follow the simple scripts.

Since everything is done while logged into your accounts, you'll have a record of everything we do and a clear blue-print of what to do.

This course is not like any other "webinar" or "video training" you've ever participated in...

Maybe you're wondering why I just don't open it up to as many as I can...'s because I only have time to do this with 20 people in a private personal way that they can't help but succeed (more about that later.)

There's no one else but me teaching - you get me, the "Father of Social Networking" personally teaching you.

This will be laser focused on Internet prospecting; if success in real estate is driven by location, location, location... then success in your business is driven by prospecting, prospecting, prospecting.

This course will just be ME teaching YOU over the 6 hours of very intense and concentrated training sessions.

And the icing on the cake; the NEW webinar format will rocket your progress faster and farther than anything I've ever done.

I'll critique your online prospecting conversations and explain exactly what you should do to insure your best results.

You can be sure that when each session is over, you'll be able to immediately go out and apply what you've learned.

The bottom'll complete the six hours with everything you need to become a "Prospecting Master." Equipped to prospect and recruit successfully unlike ever before. No matter what your business is, rest assured there are thousands of people out there waiting to hear from you.

The number of people I work with at this level in understandably limited. Still, I've CUT the price by 30% for you -- and I've made it simple to afford by letting you make 2 or 3 payments.

To insure your success I'm also going to sweeten the pot from my Personal Coaching Program where I offer SIX ONE-HOUR sessions of ONE-ON-ONE time with me, by adding EXTRA TIME, and EXTRA Benefits in addition to REDUCING the price.

NOW...That I got your attention, Listen up. You need to pay attention to this very carefully because I can't imagine this is going to happen again any time soon: I have opened up a VERY limited number of places on my coaching program, and I'm offering a very VERY special deal to a few lucky SERIOUS network marketers who apply and are accepted for one-on-one coaching TODAY...

If you're one of them, then YOU will get my NEXT Boot Camp -- -- absolutely FREE.

Let me say that again: if you're accepted for my one-on-one coaching program, you can attend the next brand New Boot Camp for FREE -- that's an additional value of $597.


You will learn the exact type of information that your network of friends want and crave. They are looking for it right now and you can become the center piece of your own powerful network.


Just a Few Of Our Satisfied Clients of One-on-One Training

"Max, since the retreat this weekend, I did one post and had 20 people respond. I spoke to 12 of them and signed up 4. One was the #1 body builder in New Zealand. YOU ROCK!""

Tom Martin

"Through social networks, I have been able to connect with people all over the world. It has allowed me to
bring people into my business that want the same things I want- freedom to help others and travel with out worries of money or time. It has been your teachings that has accomplished this for me as I am technologically challenged. With the help of social media, I am earning a 6-figure income from the beauty of my home office.

Laurie Rey

"If you want to use the Internet more effectively to fire up your business Max is a great source. The information Max provides can be immediately used and produce amazing results. Thanks Max for paving the way in this new day of technology."

Jan Ruhe

"I haven't seen anything that will impact my industry like your training's since video tapes back in 1988. I want everyone in my 80,000 organization to hear them. I've never recommended any generic training program that was developed outside my company until now."

Brent Bryson

"Only Max makes network marketing fun and easy. His Internet course should be required for everyone in sales or anyone looking for new customers. That's just about every business and sales person on the planet."

Jack Zufelt

"Max, your program is the most comprehensive, foolproof prospecting training system ever developed. I predict it will take the network marketing industry to a whole new level of growth and prosperity. LOL"

Burke Hedges

"Max Steingart is by far the master trainer of prospecting and recruiting on the Internet. Max has a recruiting training series that is hands down unlike any other in the history of my business."

Doug Firebaugh

"If you've wondered how you could use the Internet as a powerful prospecting tool, Max Steingart can help you. Max takes you through his system step by step with plenty of real world examples along the way."

Bob Burg

"Max, since meeting with you in Texas and working one on one with you I've enrolled 26 new people into my business and will soon be able to retire my regular job as a professional scientist. I absolutely love it...Everyone wants to know what I'm doing and how they can do it too. I've even been invited to speak for a company event."

Ann Barrante

"Hi Max, Enjoying your training and coaching. It takes a while for your methods to ramp up but once they do, it's a lot of fun. I sponsored 7 people last month. Thanks!"

Andrei Jablokow

"It's just like you said that my Facebook page looks good and I make just 1 post - it's going bananas. This sure beats handing out biz cards at Costco. Big Time. Thanks Max!"

George Galvin

"Hey Max, just found out today I have double my income. I knew I quadrupled sales, but I did not know that that it meant I doubled my income. Thank you so much Max - for all of you!"

Jacqueline Andre