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Positioned & Equipped

Attendees will be positioned and equipped to create 6-figure incomes.

Unlocked Communication

Open phone lines for maximum interactive communication.

What It Takes

4-month interactive brainstorming and support group.

Million Dollar Reality

Increase your confidence as your business becomes a Million Dollar Reality.

Keep Yourself Focused

Keep yourself focused and excited about your business.

The Six-Figure Formula

Create your Game Plan for a Six Figure Income

I'm committed to helping you make six figures a month in your business this year and have set up a series of special mastermind sessions to make it happen. Let's face it everyone knows that when it comes to solving a problem or creating a desired result, two heads are better than one.

So imagine working personally with me and a permanent small group of people who meet twice a month for the next four months with the purpose of problem solving, brainstorming and networking.

This process is called "Masterminding"
and is one of the most effective success tools you can adopt.

It's a powerful way to support your dreams and bring unlimited resources to your business and personal life. I myself have participated in mastermind groups over the years and I could not begin to image achieving my success without being a part of those sessions.

That's why I created my "Top Income Earners Mastermind Group". A process for accelerating your growth by working personally with me and a small group of elite like minded people.

Here is how the mastermind group works:

The basic philosophy behind a mastermind group is that more can be achieved in less time when people share ideas and work together. We will come together twice a month to share ideas, thoughts, feedback, information and resources. Every sessions will be recorded and be made available in your back office in my private video library.

During the next four months in our Mastermind Group sessions, we will focus on all aspects of your business; increasing your income, building a business and solving your problems.

You will benefit from everyone's experiences and feel empowered as we draw out your full talents, resources and abilities. These sessions will trigger, stimulate and motivate!

We will meet twice a month for 60 minute sessions. These meetings must be held sacred as the life-enhancing events they are.

Every participant agrees to play all out — to openly share ideas, support, contacts, information, feedback and anything else that will help advance the other participants.

You will find one of the real values of this mastermind group is the accountability factor – other participants checking up on you to make sure you meet your stated commitments. It is one way to ensure you will accomplish more in the shortest amount of time.

Hi Max, Thanks to your training, I now have over 15,000 Associates in my Asea business. I was recently asked at an Asea event how I was able to build my business so fast and I replied, “Max Steingart!” Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Top Earner - Rosie Gonzalez

What to expect:

Each participant needs to be seriously committed to making six figures a month in their business.

By learning the Secrets known by the top income earners in your business that are never talked about and putting them into action, will empower every participant to earn 6 figures in their business.

If you have been waiting for that powerful program that will get you to the 6 figure success you strive for, you need to join this small group of elite people.

This special group will meet approximately every other week for four months.

Every question you have will be answered, every secret revealed, every road block removed and when you are finished you will be armed with the information that will take you to the Top 1% of income earners in this industry.

This group is for serious leaders only, and we reserve the right to limit this group to qualified candidates. By the end of this Mastermind you will know more about prospecting and lead generation than 99.9% of the people in the industry.

Each participant will receive over $299.00 in training materials directly from me prior to the start of our sessions. Some of which will be required for you to study prior to the Mastermind Group sessions so you will be able to maximize your experience.

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I've added 49 new people to my business in the last 60 days. Your training has turned my business around 180 degrees. Thanks!

Top Earner - John Kahn

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