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Social Network Boot Camps

In less than an hour, I’ll personally teach you my proven 4 Step Social Network Formula – and my 100% FREE Business Building Strategy that’s been helping network marketers become top earners in their business by attracting perfect prosp them without spending money on leads, traffic, advertising, blogs, funnels or websites.

You’ll soon be generating super high quality leads, making a ton of sales and enrolling new team members with ease.

You'll look over my shoulder and watch my screen, as I show you a surprisingly simple but powerful 4 STEP PROCESS that can have you MAKING SALES & ENROLLING NEW REPS EVERYDAY!

I’ll show you how easy it is to SEARCH FOR & CONNECT WITH your ideal prospects, then how to effectively COMMUNICATE with them and effortlessly CLOSE THE DEAL.

Proven Success With People Across The Globe


Learn By DOING

Prospecting & Recruiting Strategy
I’ll personally arm you with my revolutionary prospecting and recruiting strategy for using Facebook and LinkedIn to generate high quality PROSPECTS, so you can make a ton of sales and enroll new team members with ease.

WORK WITH ME IN 4 LIVE GROUP SESSIONS and learn to Attract Perfect Prospects & recruit the ‘Cream of the Crop’.

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Delivering Proven Success For Years
I’ve been conducting my Boot Camps for groups of Network Marketers for quite a few years now, and love to see how each student’s business completely transforms after just a few simple tweaks in the first session.

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to blog, create complex traffic campaigns, or drive all over town doing in home presentations - and you don’t want to spend a ton of cash buying leads - you have a family, you have a life, you have passions, you want to build your business the fast and easy way!

I want to help you make MORE money in LESS time by MAXIMIZING your understanding of my proven 4 step formula for social network domination.

You will be able to apply what you learn in the first session IMMEDIATELY and see results right away.

Recruiting Without Rejection

Here’s A Quick Overview of Our 4 Sessions:
The first thing I teach you in Boot Camp is how to optimize your social network profile so people find you when you're sleeping and having fun! Yes, without you doing a thing! You’ll learn how to create a personal profile so effective that you will actually attract perfect prospects to you every day.

In our second session I’ll teach you a powerful strategy for reaching out to people who are the most likely to be interested in doing business with you. You’ll learn how to post content that gets worthwhile engagement from surprising numbers of people.

In our third session, you’ll witness LIVE PROSPECTING on Facebook and LinkedIn so you know exactly what to say and how to say it. I’ll log into someone’s actual accounts and demonstrate how quickly you can get someone to respond. (I may even log into yours.) When you see this in action, your confidence is going to shoot through the roof!

In our fourth session, I’ll teach you how to qualify your prospects by asking a few simple questions, and then close sales in less than 30 minutes. You will never have to experience rejection again.

Any shyness you might have will disappear with every contact and sale. Even introverts will become the life of the social networking party.

Proven Success With People Across The Globe



No More Rejection?  THAT’S RIGHT!
I’ll teach you the easiest ways possible to add people to your team without pressure, being weird with people, or being too ‘sales-y’.

NO MORE wasting your time & money chasing dead beat prospects who give you nothing but objections.

You’ll see THE RIGHT WAY to use Facebook and LinkedIn to generate interest in what you’re doing, separate your hot prospects from the “suspects” and get them to ASK YOU about your business.

You’ll see for yourself how to have genuine prospects contacting you, ready to buy and/or join your business.


BOOT CAMP Is The BEST WAY To Learn These New Skills!

During Our Sessions I Will…
  • Answer all of your questions.
  • ​Help you brand yourself on Facebook and LinkedIn so you become irresistible to your target audience.
  • ​Critique your profile pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • ​Help you focus your searches to locate perfect prospects.
  • ​Help you effectively reach out and connect with your ideal candidates.
  • ​Review your conversations with your best prospects.
  • ​Remove your road blocks.  (Eliminate your fear of rejection, fear of talking to people, fear of talking to successful people.)
  • Help you make 4 sales before Boot Camp ends.



Real Life Results


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